Patient Testimonials

Dr. Frank repaired my rotor cuff, bicep tendon, and torn labrum. Prior to surgery Dr. Frank walked me thru (in detail) the surgical procedure, what I could expect after surgery, including post surgical pain, and my rehab plan. Surgery went well and pain levels were well managed.

Five months after surgery I am pain free and have full range of motion and my strength back.

Dr. Frank is a skilled surgeon and a very caring person. Anybody who needs shoulder surgery I would highly recommend Dr.Frank. Thanks Dr. Frank for all you did for me.

– David M


I’m 71, and had serious tears in both my rotator cuff and bicep. Doctor Frank did a thorough, highly professional and successful surgery. Now I’m told that recovery of my mobility and strength are much better than the typical patient, and I’m pretty much 100%. I couldn’t be happier.

– Tom B


Last year I fell and completely tore my Rotator Cuff. Dr. Frank reviewed my MRI results with me and explained my choices. He did not pressure me to have the surgery but set real expectations for life with and without the repair. He did the surgery and the recovery process was better than described. He is great. I have effectively 99% of pre surgical use/range of motion on my shoulder. I am totally satisfied with Dr. Frank and the staff at Coastal!

– Richard M


After a fall, I needed shoulder surgery and Dr. Michael Lynch introduced me to Dr. Frank. After Dr. Frank assured me that my injury would not heal on its own, he proceeded to educate me on what I was facing. I felt very informed and confident that I was in the right hands. After surgery, there were many months of PT but I persevered and Dr. Frank kept track of my progress even though I was out of state. My shoulder is completely rehabilitated and I have full use of it due to his expertise and professionalism. Thanks Dr. Frank!

– Helen W


I am 67 years old and live in New Canaan. I am thrilled to say that my knee surgery for a torn meniscus was a complete success. I am now pain free and think of Dr Frank when I bound up stairs. I am skiing again.

– Peter M


I required a right Knee ACL and meniscus reconstruction which I ultimately had surgery on by Dr. Frank in September of 2014. Dr. Frank helped me through the process both physically and mentally, keeping my well being in mind at all times. I am a avid cyclist and BMX bike rider with years of experience with other surgeons and doctors but by far Dr. Frank was the most knowledgeable and personal. He both helped and pushed me to get back to my wanted physical shape as soon as physically possible.

– Matthew D


In December of 2014 I had a bad fall and broke my elbow. I’m so thankful Dr. Frank was my surgeon. Not only did he do a great job of repairing my elbow but he was very supportive during the entire process. Anytime I had a question or concern he would get back to me right away. He also constantly stressed how important the physical therapy was and he was right.

Thank you Dr. Frank!

– Hannah G


Dr. Frank has performed surgery on both of my shoulders and I couldn’t be happier. After chronic dislocations, I’ve been pain-free since surgery. He’s very straight-forward, always remembers your situation and gets my vote of confidence.

– Andrew C


I had my shoulder surgery October of last year. I could not be happier with the results. After hearing many horror stories about what to expect, I was very pleased at how smoothly things went. With in weeks I was back at the gym, although limited, but back to my old routine. I now have full use of my shoulder.

I have met several other people who have had the same surgery that I had, and I have to say no one has had a better outcome than I have.

This was my first surgery ever, so I was a little nervous. Dr. Frank and his staff are so professional and thorough, I had complete confidence in them right from the start.

– Lee H


Doctor Frank was very professional, he was upfront about every aspect of the surgery and the rehab needed.

His follow up program as very useful in my recovery.

My shoulder has recovered pain free.

I have and would recommended Dr. Frank to anyone needing shoulder surgery.

– Pasquale C


My name is Chris from Stamford, CT. I have been sick for the last month, could not walk. My friend had to come to my house, take me out of the house. Went to several doctors, went to the hospital, but could not bend my knee, could not walk. My doctor made an appointment for me to see Dr. Frank in Darien, CT. Got there on a walking stick, went inside. I was out in one hour. Next day I could walk on my feet. It was great. It’s been great so far. Thanks Dr. Frank. Thanks a lot.

– Christopher