Allograft Stem Cell Therapy

How are allograft stem cells obtained?

Stem cells may be obtained from various sources such as bone marrow, fat, blood, umbilical cord and embryonal tissue. Allograft stem cells are obtained from a donor or tissue bank. Vertebral bodies of deceased donors have a high concentration of stem cells and are ideal for allograft stem cell therapy.

How is allograft stem cell therapy performed?

Your doctor will first clean and numb the area to be treated. Under the guidance of special X-rays, the stem cell preparation will be injected into the diseased region. The whole procedure usually takes less than an hour and you will return home the same day of the procedure.

What are the potential risks of allograft stem cell therapy?

Potential risks of allograft stem cell therapy include contamination of the stem cell preparation as well as infection and tissue damage associated with any injection procedure. Rarely, an immune reaction may occur due to the injected stem cells.